To the People Who Gave Me Everything I Needed

Thursday Greetings!

Maybe it’s one of those introspective times in my life when I’m preparing to charge full speed ahead, but I can’t do that until I look back on all the things that carried me steadily (and sometimes less steadily) to where I find myself right now.

I am one of those fortunate ones that can say they were readily handed everything they needed to succeed in life. Just like that.

To the people who gave me everything I needed:

I want to say thank you. In all the years that I’ve wanted to be a writer, I’ve been far less afraid of what critics may say than of not living up to what I know myself to be capable of doing. Do I say that out of conceit? By all means, no. I blame it entirely on you. In those years, I’ve been told the cons of a career in writing; I’ve been told to prepare for unemployment, but a great deal more importantly, I have never not been told that I can and that I will.

It is you, Dad, that reminds me my bestsellers will put you in a nice retirement home and talks about me as if I’m already Alyssa Dulaney: world renown author. It is you, Mom, that gently reminds me I actually have to write to get there, while simultaneously telling me how proud you are. I hear and appreciate every word. It is you, Jamie, my best friend, that mapped out fantastical plot lines and created whimsical names with me at ten years old in a backyard camp out. It is you, Misty, that reads my writing, exaggerates its quality, discusses it with me, and listens to me ramble on about ideas and dreams.

I could go on in a never-ending list–Brookie-lynn, Spencer, grandparents, strangers that have left such kind comments–but suffice it to say that in the mind of this young writer, the voices of faith in me have drowned out any roars of doubt, impossibility, discouragement, and even lack of faith in myself.

Only this afternoon, I rediscovered the photo book from my high school graduation. In it are comments from you all, my dear friends and family. Here are a few that made me tear up (maybe):

  • “Keep walking tall, standing strong, and HE is going to take you farther than you can ever dream.” -Dad and Mom
  • “I love you a latte and am excited to see God use you mightily.” -Spence (Big brother)
  • “I am so very proud of the beautiful, talented, and genuine person you are. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister or best friend.” -Brooklynn (Big sister)
  • “Oh my beautiful Alyssa, you’re one of the most sweetest, happiest, and anointed girls I have ever met.” -Jordan Parks
  • “And I hope your future is as excellent as boiled potatoes.” -Karaline
  • “You’re a very brave person, you’re funny, smart, capable, and are both anointed and empowered to do amazing things.” -Josh F.
  • “I also can’t believe I have managed to put up with you for 7 years… I love you anyways.” -Jamie Marie

So to you all–friends, family, strangers–thank you. You have given me, and continue to give me, everything I need to succeed in life. Because of you, I know that I can and that I will, whatever it may be that I am chasing or dreaming.


Words [wurds]-noun

Hello All!


Have you ever paused to ponder the wonders that are written words? A series of lines makes up a letter, a row of letters makes up a word, a set of words creates a sentence, groups of sentences develop into paragraphs, paragraphs fill pages and pages fill books.


I love the thought of words. They’re like the building blocks that allow you to create whatever you choose. There are the bigger blocks, like “fundamentally”, and the smaller blocks, like “and”. There are more imaginative blocks, like “incandescently” and “impeccable”, and slightly more bland blocks, like “sometimes.” They all serve a purpose, however, and with them, you hold incredible power of invention. With specific words I am an artist painting a masterpiece.

For example:

The peaceful rustling of the grass in the meadow renewed my spirit, calmed my fears, and reminded me that the world had not been entirely robbed of joy. Tiger lilies swayed in time with the wind-a waltz to accompany nature’s orchestra. Scarlet cardinals sang along from the skies above, and the sun shone down on us all with unabated approval. If only I could stay in this place forevermore, or better yet, join the birds in flight. 

The secret of words is this: they can show as often as they tell. I suppose that’s why I love them so much… They have the ability to transport you. They can take you anywhere you want to go, but with the promise of a safe return when you’re ready. They’ve built castles with moats. They’ve built lives and love. They’ve built wars and peace and places; not to mention the countless worlds they have established.

Of all that these magical things called “words” can be used for, creating is my favorite. This, my friends, is why I adore beautiful new words and why I love writing.

A Blogger’s Plea

Hello All!

Better late than never, right?

This is a quick post to request suggestions! What would you like to see more (or less) of in my posts? What can I do to expand interest in my blog and keep it intriguing for those who already follow along? I am thoroughly enjoying my blogging endeavors, but I would hate for it to be dull to those around me. Also, I want it to be interactive (that involves you!).

Ideas I’ve had:

  • Occasional biographical posts about famous authors, poets, etc.
  • Favorite quotes
  • Short stories
  • Longer poems in parts (part 1 one week, part 2 the next, etc.)
  • Discussions
  • Writing: prompts, helpful advice, etc.

What do you think of these? Add to my list. Please, please, please comment any suggestions you may have for posts or anything else that may come to mind!

Thank you in advance, and thank you to all of those who read, like, and comment on my posts. I appreciate you all so very much. 🙂