God Bless Us, Every One

Merry Christmas, one and all!
I do so hope that everyone is having a merry Christmas! I know I am. Despite the fact that it has been storming and raining all day, my aunt and I are making the most of it by playing an intense game of scrabble (I’m winning, by the way. 😉 )

My holiday is being spent in a Mississippi small town with my dad’s family. There are some things about a southern Christmas that you simply fall in love with. One being my mawmaw and pawpaw’s delectable old-fashioned cooking. I may be gaining weight, but I’m not compaining!

I love the joy of being surrounded by family. We’re all a little crazy, and sure, Mawmaw’s house gets unbelievably crowded and loud, but we love each other-most of the time, that is! Haha!

Hearing stories about the past is something I have always loved and always will, and something I get everytime I am here. Not to mention the tales about my dad when he was young-that never gets old!

My mawmaw is one of the most fun people in the history of human beings. She has been known to sweep you into a dance when you least expect it. So much of yesterday and today has been spent singing loud and dancing around the kitchen. I love it!

My cousin and I cannot possibly get together and not  have a good time. We are kindred spirits, to be sure, and we keep each other (and those around us) entertained.

So a Mississippi Christmas is my favorite kind. Food, family, and fun all wrapped up in one. Get it? Wrapped up like a Christmas present! 😉 Here comes all the family, so I have to get back to socializing. Have a very merry Christmas, and GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE!


The Most Wonderful Time

Hello All!
Christmas is my aboslute favorite time of the year, no doubt about it. My family had their “Christmas” this evening, because we will be out of town over Christmas, and it’s rather hard to vacation with your Christmas tree and gifts. 😉 Needless to say, I have excess Christmas spirit; thus, I am here to share it with you all! I thought I would list some of my favorite things about the Christmas season for your enjoyment. Let me preface it by saying this: The number of times the word “Christmas” is used in this post, will probably break some kind of record. 


1. Christmas Music

This one comes first because it’s probably the thing I start first… Like, in July… Unashamed!

2. Christmas Movies

There is no way I’m going to leave this one out! From cheesy Hallmark movies all the way to classics like “White Christmas.” I can’t live without them (or rather, I choose not to.) 

3. Christmas Decorations

Who doesn’t get a thrill at the sight of a well-lit Christmas tree?!

4. Downtown in December

I live in a small town with the most adorable downtown of all time. “Mayberry”, NC does Christmas-time right! Giant lit-up snowflakes, Christmas decor in every window, and hot cocoa at Pages coffee shop. 

5. Food

Ham, hot cocoa, sweets, everything peppermint… Enough said.

6. Family

Isn’t family the most important thing any time of the year? But around Christmas, we seem to take them less for granted. At least, we should. The holidays are best when one is surrounded by family, no matter how crazy they may be. 😉 A good ole Mississippi Christmas at Mawmaw’s house is my favorite kind. 

7. The true reason for the season- Jesus Christ

I wanted to put this one last, because I wanted you to remember it the most. We often get so caught up in the other great things, that we forgot the reason it all even comes about every year- Jesus Christ. God, the King of the universe, humbled Himself, wrapped Himself in flesh, and came to this broken, corrupted earth, to give us a chance at salvation. He came for us, not when we have everything together, but when we are at our worst. When we put every other petty thing before Him, He loves us with a love so overwhelming and indescribable. He came as a baby to live life as we do and to die the death that we deserve. Our hope for salvation came down to earth in the most unexpected way… and today, he can born in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Poem of the Week: Masterpieces

Happy Friday!

This poem is one that I wrote a while ago, so pardon its slightly amateur style. The point remains valid, however. Enjoy. 🙂


“The leaves of fall are given much credit

As beautiful, colorful things

Once they are spied, they are seen with a smile

What happiness fall does bring

But never, not once, does it enter our minds

While observing the changing of leaves

That the only reason they turn so bright

Is because they’re now lifeless things

The energy and life that once coursed through their veins

Has run perfectly dry, and is gone

And yet, we don’t see them as dead, ugly things

But as beautiful, despite all their flaws

If only we could see people this way

When they are broken, discarded, and hurt

When the pain of this life has taken their joy

And left them without any cure

Yes, there are flaws, but why dwell on those

When there’s beauty in front of our eyes?

As with the leaves, our perspective must change

To see a masterpiece in every life”

~Alyssa M. Dulaney


Thank you for reading! By the way, if you missed the post from earlier this week, go read it. It came directly from my heart.

How to: The Best Pumpkin Pie Flavored Coffee

Hello All!

I may have gone a little crazy with my fall rave this week and bought pumpkin pie flavored coffee… I’m not even ashamed of it! It was good on its own, but I doctored it up just a bit, and it was heavenly. 🙂 If you buy pumpkin flavored coffee this season, here’s what you do:

1.Make it strong, so you really get that full pumpkin flavor.

2.Pour it into a favorite mug (this is required).

3. Add a bit of cream and 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar (more if you like it super sweet).

4.Top it with a dash of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream, if you have it.

You’re Welcome. 🙂

Transition to Fall

Hello All!

I was inspired this evening by a hint of crispness in the night air. Anyone who has an appreciation for fall knows to what I am referring.

I always had a hard time deciding which season was, indeed, my favorite… At the end of spring, summer became my favorite, but then, at the end of summer, fall became my favorite. Furthermore, at the end of fall, I longed for the snowflakes of winter, and winter became my favorite. I was never quite sure. That is, until last autumn, when chilly air, hoodies, corn mazes, pumpkins, boots, brightly colored leaves, and festivals firmly decided for me.  Fall became my absolute favorite season.

There is nothing like the transition from summer to fall. Picture yourself sitting on a North Carolina porch, allowing your mind to wander far and wide, when suddenly you feel a breeze. This breeze, however, was not like the others of summer. This breeze brought with it a wave of crisp air. That’s when you knew that fall was coming. Your spirit was lifted by that breeze just as the leaves will soon be. In the weeks to come, you begin to long for the smell of pumpkin spice and your mom’s sweet potato pie. You can’t walk outside into the chill without smiling inside and out. You now have to start the car ten minutes before you leave, so it will be warm and cozy when you get into it, and you won’t freeze on your way to work, school, or church. October brings the Autumn Leaves Festival, which brings the smell of funnel cakes, the joy of smiles, and the sounds of laughter and music. November brings Thanksgiving, which brings the gathering of family and friends and the reminder of all of our many blessings… Not to mention glorious food. Fall brings bliss, if you just close your eyes and soak it in. All these wonderful things fall into place soon after that crisp breeze you felt on that North Carolina porch; but the best part of all is this: you know that fall never fails to lead to Christmas.

P.S. I lOVE Christmas.