Adventures in Quebec


Recently, I took a trip to the magnificent Quebec City. You may or may not remember my having mentioned it in posts from earlier on. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to be going. I was with a group of nearly 70 young people on a missions trip, in which we sang in both English and French, reached out to the community, and assisted the local missionaries in any way possible, but we also were able to do some exploring of our own!

Spending time in Quebec City has been a dream of mine for several years, so last month a dream came true!

There’s something utterly captivating and enrapturing about Quebec City, which is entirely immersed in French culture. When you’re walking in Old Town Quebec, you can’t help but feel as if you’ve stepped entirely out of place and time to a small French Villa some many years ago, where most people will smile and offer a “Bonjour!” in passing by on cobblestone streets, above which loom light posts with hanging, colorful flower baskets. The sounds of horses hooves is not unfamiliar due to the carriages that still roam the city, now carrying tourists rather than locals. You need only glance around, it doesn’t matter which direction, and you will no doubt see some sort of beautiful architecture, whether it be a stone catholic church long closed but still standing, a statue or a fountain, a gate to the wall that still surrounds the city or even the Chateau Frontenac itself.

Quebec is no ordinary place, nor does it have an ordinary feel. In many ways, though indescribable, Quebec City feels like home. Perhaps it’s just that way for me because I have, over the years, developed such an adoration for this place that I had never been to, or perhaps that is the magic of the city, and no one is exempt. When I was finally able to explore it for myself, my fascination and love only grew. As the capital of the province of Quebec, you could expect it to be crowded and busy, but instead it is leisurely and calming, and rather than skyscrapers and concrete, it boasts stone castles and cobblestone, with lush, green grass never far away. It is purely poetic.

Although I have tried to paint a picture with my words, I thought I would be fair and offer you actual pictures as well. You’ll see some local art that I purchased in the Art Alley (An alley lined with art created and sold by local artists). Hanging in front of each painting is a picture of me at the place depicted. Keep in mind, none of these are postcards. They are all pictures that I either took myself or had taken of me. As is obvious, I put words on a couple of them. This was done with one of my favorite apps: “Spark Post.”  I apologize in advance for any poor quality due to the lighting in my room.





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