Thank you, Johann Sebastian Bach

Hello All!

As of late I have discovered the endless wonders of classical music. I owe my thanks to my recent English professor, Mr. Heitschmidt, who unwittingly introduced me through his own habit of listening to it. When I first turned it on through Pandora, it ignited something in me and kept me strangely focused on pouring myself into what I was writing. I fell in love with it. Something about this music enraptures me and makes me see things in an entirely new perspective. It is almost as if it reaches in and pulls out the best in me; the deepest part of me that is intellectual and creative and wants to do everything well and sees the best in every situation. It makes me want to read and write and know myself. It touches the mind and the emotions in an indescribable way. I feel, sometimes, as if there is another me somewhere in the past and when I listen to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others, I get an idea of who that other me is and I become more like her.


It causes me to wonder if these marvelous composers knew all the while that what they were creating would be so powerful. Did Bach say to himself, “This one, I am sure, will make them question everything around them, and this one will cause them to see the beauty in life.” I believe they knew. Surely they poured their souls into these pieces with the knowledge that it would affect the souls of others.

I encourage you to begin listening to classical music and see what it does in your own life.



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