One Year Down, A Future to Go 

Hello All!

Around one year ago I had the bright idea to start a blog. There were many things that I was passionate about, one being literature, and I wanted to share my love for them with others. My parents encouraged me in this idea, and a year ago today, I put it in to action. I was throwing around name ideas when my sister suggested I use the name I had come up with for my collection of writing. And so it began… I started Pen to Paper Collections. Happy Anniversary to us!

A lot has happened in the past year, from beginning this blog to starting college and so much more. On this day, however, I am particularly enthusiastic about what the future will bring. “Why?” you may ask. I think I can safely attribute most of it to the glorious weather. 🙂 March 1st in NC has been a marvelous 68 degrees with carolina blue skies. It is on days like these, when the sun is smiling down on me, that I feel like anything is possible! 

Also, life has gotten rather exciting as of late. I started a new job bright and early yesterday morning! I am now a tutor/assistant at Jones Intermediate School, which is an incredible opportunity and was a pleasant surprise for me. What better way to gain teaching experience? It is a slightly younger age group than I hope to work with in the future, but I still have high expectations and love working with kids. 

I am currently enrolled at a local community college  and working on my Associate in Arts degree there. Lately, however, I have had to consider a future major and 4 year college to strive for. Decisions are in the making! It is as strange as it is interesting. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in elementary school. How did I get here so fast? I don’t know, but I’m taking life as it comes and trying to enjoy every moment!

One year has brought a great many changes-mostly good, fortunately. What I am most intrigued with are the great many changes that the years ahead will bring. Hopefully, you all will stick around for the years to come. 🙂



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