On Love and Being Lost

Hello All,

I had a thought on Wednesday evening, which came after a gentleman in my church came up to my friend and I and said, “I’m lost. I can’t find my wife!” To the casual hearer this may just be the quick words of a man who didn’t know where his wife was sitting, but it really got me thinking when he used the words, “I’m lost.” 

These were the words of someone who was lost without the love of his life, no matter how familiar his surroundings may be. What a precious reminder of what true love really is: You find yourself in that other person to the point of being utterly unable to find your place without them, and you’re okay with that. I would be thrilled to have a love like he and his wife’s, and I’m blessed to learn from their relationship. 

Thank you, Jeff and Amy Hoge. 🙂



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