Escape to Writer’s Paradise

Hello All!

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt as if your life entirely lacked adventure and you might find yourself going insane if you don’t happen upon an adventure soon? Yesterday was one of those days for me. It was an overwhelming mixture of loneliness and wanderlust. I found myself venturing into the woods in search of a temporary remedy.

A walk in the woods led to my sitting under a tree off the path for a couple hours… thinking, praying, soul-searching, singing, and dreaming, ultimately. I think dreaming among the trees was just the remedy my soul was searching for. I felt freed… The beauty of it all… Somehow it had a way of making me feel as if I could do anything. As if I had somehow cheated myself by not having bigger, more impossible dreams. It could have made anyone believe in fairytales again and wonder how they ever could have abandoned them. I was so inspired to do whatever it is I set my heart to.

My afternoon excursion to writer’s paradise made me question why I haven’t escaped into the woods more often. I hope future me does it more than ever.

I am convinced that another adventure shall be thrown in my way before I have gone completely mad.




One thought on “Escape to Writer’s Paradise

  1. My heart went out to you Alyssa as I read your blog. I wish I lived close to you & you could of come over to Grimm’s for a visit. We could of enjoyed a coffee & chat together. I was glad to read that your walk in the woods ended up inspiring. Love you & miss you so much.

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