The Most Wonderful Time

Hello All!
Christmas is my aboslute favorite time of the year, no doubt about it. My family had their “Christmas” this evening, because we will be out of town over Christmas, and it’s rather hard to vacation with your Christmas tree and gifts. 😉 Needless to say, I have excess Christmas spirit; thus, I am here to share it with you all! I thought I would list some of my favorite things about the Christmas season for your enjoyment. Let me preface it by saying this: The number of times the word “Christmas” is used in this post, will probably break some kind of record. 


1. Christmas Music

This one comes first because it’s probably the thing I start first… Like, in July… Unashamed!

2. Christmas Movies

There is no way I’m going to leave this one out! From cheesy Hallmark movies all the way to classics like “White Christmas.” I can’t live without them (or rather, I choose not to.) 

3. Christmas Decorations

Who doesn’t get a thrill at the sight of a well-lit Christmas tree?!

4. Downtown in December

I live in a small town with the most adorable downtown of all time. “Mayberry”, NC does Christmas-time right! Giant lit-up snowflakes, Christmas decor in every window, and hot cocoa at Pages coffee shop. 

5. Food

Ham, hot cocoa, sweets, everything peppermint… Enough said.

6. Family

Isn’t family the most important thing any time of the year? But around Christmas, we seem to take them less for granted. At least, we should. The holidays are best when one is surrounded by family, no matter how crazy they may be. 😉 A good ole Mississippi Christmas at Mawmaw’s house is my favorite kind. 

7. The true reason for the season- Jesus Christ

I wanted to put this one last, because I wanted you to remember it the most. We often get so caught up in the other great things, that we forgot the reason it all even comes about every year- Jesus Christ. God, the King of the universe, humbled Himself, wrapped Himself in flesh, and came to this broken, corrupted earth, to give us a chance at salvation. He came for us, not when we have everything together, but when we are at our worst. When we put every other petty thing before Him, He loves us with a love so overwhelming and indescribable. He came as a baby to live life as we do and to die the death that we deserve. Our hope for salvation came down to earth in the most unexpected way… and today, he can born in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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