Ode to Exams

Thursday Greetings!

I wrote this poem especially for those who, like myself, are in college courses. As we all are acutely aware, final exams are just around the corner.


Say a prayer, and read this poem. Here’s to you!


Ode to Exams

“The days for finals have come at last

Which no one looks to with joy or glee

With anxiety and worry, yes

With tears and trembling

The time to study has come at last

And yet, I neither wish to nor do

Until the day when I have no choice

And cannot put it off and pass too

So, to those who share these thoughts and feelings

My sympathy doth reach

Exams, whom we hold in worst regard

Extend mercy to all and each”

~Alyssa Dulaney


I hope this comedic poem gave you a bit of joy to carry with you. 🙂



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