Poem of the Week: Masterpieces

Happy Friday!

This poem is one that I wrote a while ago, so pardon its slightly amateur style. The point remains valid, however. Enjoy. 🙂


“The leaves of fall are given much credit

As beautiful, colorful things

Once they are spied, they are seen with a smile

What happiness fall does bring

But never, not once, does it enter our minds

While observing the changing of leaves

That the only reason they turn so bright

Is because they’re now lifeless things

The energy and life that once coursed through their veins

Has run perfectly dry, and is gone

And yet, we don’t see them as dead, ugly things

But as beautiful, despite all their flaws

If only we could see people this way

When they are broken, discarded, and hurt

When the pain of this life has taken their joy

And left them without any cure

Yes, there are flaws, but why dwell on those

When there’s beauty in front of our eyes?

As with the leaves, our perspective must change

To see a masterpiece in every life”

~Alyssa M. Dulaney


Thank you for reading! By the way, if you missed the post from earlier this week, go read it. It came directly from my heart.


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