The Definition of Living-by Alyssa M. Dulaney

Life, as seen in the most optimistic and pure form of imagination, is more than merely surviving… continuing… succeeding, even. Life, as seen in said optimistic view, is laughing, crying, and then laughing more. Life is running at the highest speed into the unknown… the abyss, one could say. Who can tell what will turn up around the next bend, or who will show up on your figurative doorstep? No one. No one is to know but the God who created us and our destinies with us. Life is striving to fulfill purpose. A purpose sought after, day after day, only to be revealed in the deepest moments of searching. Life is loving. Loving, laughing, living. Are they not all one? Life is scanning the horizon with a smile on your face, despite not knowing quite what is beyond, because the beauty that accompanies that horizon is worth every risk. The colors of the horizon blend and change with the passing of time, and yet, if one could look back at the end of it all and see the passing of the time as one big picture-masterpiece-it would be a beautiful marvel. Life is opening the pages of an empty book, dipping a quill into ink, and beginning to write; recklessly, passionately, cautiously, insightfully… all in their time. Life is jumping into a car and pushing the gas pedal to the floor. Going full speed in what others deem to be a 35 mile zone, because tip-toeing is not living. Far from it. Life is doing what you love dearly and being with those whom you love and who love you endlessly in return, in spite of your every fault, shortcoming, imperfection, and failure. Life is nothing if it is survived. Life is nothing, if not lived. Crying at the things worth crying over, and laughing unashamedly at everything else… That, my friend, is living.


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