Transition to Fall

Hello All!

I was inspired this evening by a hint of crispness in the night air. Anyone who has an appreciation for fall knows to what I am referring.

I always had a hard time deciding which season was, indeed, my favorite… At the end of spring, summer became my favorite, but then, at the end of summer, fall became my favorite. Furthermore, at the end of fall, I longed for the snowflakes of winter, and winter became my favorite. I was never quite sure. That is, until last autumn, when chilly air, hoodies, corn mazes, pumpkins, boots, brightly colored leaves, and festivals firmly decided for me.  Fall became my absolute favorite season.

There is nothing like the transition from summer to fall. Picture yourself sitting on a North Carolina porch, allowing your mind to wander far and wide, when suddenly you feel a breeze. This breeze, however, was not like the others of summer. This breeze brought with it a wave of crisp air. That’s when you knew that fall was coming. Your spirit was lifted by that breeze just as the leaves will soon be. In the weeks to come, you begin to long for the smell of pumpkin spice and your mom’s sweet potato pie. You can’t walk outside into the chill without smiling inside and out. You now have to start the car ten minutes before you leave, so it will be warm and cozy when you get into it, and you won’t freeze on your way to work, school, or church. October brings the Autumn Leaves Festival, which brings the smell of funnel cakes, the joy of smiles, and the sounds of laughter and music. November brings Thanksgiving, which brings the gathering of family and friends and the reminder of all of our many blessings… Not to mention glorious food. Fall brings bliss, if you just close your eyes and soak it in. All these wonderful things fall into place soon after that crisp breeze you felt on that North Carolina porch; but the best part of all is this: you know that fall never fails to lead to Christmas.

P.S. I lOVE Christmas.


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