{On Dreams}

Hello All!

I’ve been thinking today, and I can’t help but wonder why so many people give up on their dreams… Honestly, what is it that makes a person say, “Yes, this has been my dream for a while, but it’s not that important. I can set it aside.” Is it timing? Is it money? Is it pressure from those around you? What stops a dreamer from reaching his dream? If he’s willing to give up on his dreams, could he even be classified as a dreamer to begin with? I can’t confirm or deny. What I can confirm is this: we live in a society that makes it easy to give up on and push aside those things we’re most passionate about. Unless your dream is to become a lawyer or a doctor (a noble dream, don’t get me wrong), we are told everyday why our far-fetched aspirations aren’t good enough or why they’re just too difficult, or what would be a wiser option, or why we should get an education in something else so we can have a backup plan. “Cause y’know… I hear an English degree makes it difficult to get a job.” “Oh? So you want to be an artist? That’s great. Have you thought about doing it on the side instead?” “A coffee shop, huh? Better be careful. Such-and-such percent of new shops fail within the first year.” They mean well. They’re talking about playing it safe.


I want to be a writer and work in a literature area (surprised?). I have for years. I know its hard, and I know it’s not a field overflowing with money. I know these things, because these are the things that people tell me first off when I mention that I want to be a writer. But, do you know what? I’m willing to fight for it, so that’s okay. No one told me to start this blog. No one made me do it or asked me to do it, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. So I started this site, did lots of research to make sure it was presentable and stylish, brainstormed for content ideas, and decided to make this blog a representation of who I am: a little sporadic and literary and filled with laughs. Sure, it’s tough to keep up with sometimes and I don’t always post right on time, but I’m gonna keep at it, because it’s what I love to do.

I also want to open a coffee shop or cafe someday. Crazy, I know. My Pinterest boards are loaded, and I plan on dreaming on until it happens. What can I say? I’m an optimist! Besides, realistic has never really been my thing…


I guess I just see it this way: Life is too short to shrug off your dreams or live trying to please other people. Life is to short for playing it safe. I’m not against being cautious, but I am against being unhappy. Do what you love! Spend your days working at something you’re passionate about! And this is not just about your job… this applies to hobbies, clubs, and blogs, for heaven’s sake! Be a dreamer! Why shouldn’t we reach for the stars? They shine pretty brightly, after all.


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