Book Review: Longbourn

Happy Monday!

I had every intention of warning you that I would be away at camp last week and unable to post… Unfortunately, it slipped my mind. I hope you all still love me. 🙂

As most bookworms do, I have a book wish-list. Mine is fairly long and is continuously being added to. On this list for several months was the book Longbourn by Jo Baker. I had seen reviews saying it was an excellent book and it captured my attention, so every time I saw it in a book store I would look at it, then set it back down, promising myself I would get it next time. A little while ago my dear friend Misty said she was going to the bookstore, and I decided to follow my impulsive side and just give her the money to buy it for me, because I was tired of waiting. So I got it, and guess what! I read it. It was every inch what people had said it was!


Longbourn has characters that come alive so easily in your mind as your reading. They’re not shallow and dull, but vibrant and intriguing. They each have real-to-life back stories and thoughts and feelings that are more than words on the page.

Jo Baker’s writing style is very similar to Jane Austen’s which is no easy task to accomplish in the modern world. Because it is set in Elizabeth Bennet’s house from Pride and Prejudice, I find it only right for her to use a similar style as the original book that inspired it.

The plot is thorough and exciting. It is far from predictable and held many twists that threw me for a loop and kept me engaged!

The events throughout the story and the character’s everyday life were captured in a way that caused you to see and feel them vividly while you’re reading.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with the book. I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and the style of writing. I would definitely recommend it to any Austen fan, new or old! 🙂

Happy reading!


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