The Advantages of Being A Bookworm

Since it didn’t get much feedback on Monday ( 😦 ), I’m re-blogging to give it a second chance!

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Hello All!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Shall we get right to it? The advantages of being a bookworm:

1. Comfort is never hard to find.


Anytime you’re down, you can escape into the pages of a book, and somehow all your problems seem to disappear. Sure, their still there when you close the book, yet they always seem a little smaller and a little easier to deal with.

2. You can always be sure of having friends… Because your books are you friends.

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Anytime you’re lonely, you simply remember that you have dozens of friends waiting on your bookshelf for you to find companionship in them. And no matter how long you leave them alone, letting them get dusty on that shelf, they’ll always be there for you.

3. Your books teach you to be alone.


I know they did this…

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