A Bookworm in Shining Armor

Thursday Greetings!

I hope I may have enough literary leeway to make this comparison today: a bookworm, and a knight in shining armor…


A Bookworm in Shining Armor

“Take yourself back to the days of chivalry, and picture a knight clad in shining armor. Sword ready at his side and helmet in hand. Now if you will give me leave to compare this brave knight to the bookworm beside you… Just as this knight may pull out his sword at the first urge, so a bookworm may draw his book at any given moment. From where? Who knows. It has a sheath of its own.

As our knight is well prepared to defend chivalry to his last, so a bookworm is on call to place his literary helmet and go to battle, should anyone think to speak out against his favorite novel, poem, author, or otherwise. His armor could be considered his extensive vocabulary, and he may be known to use this literature jargon in everyday situations (or, jousts), as well as constantly make references to a recent read… the feel the need to explain them.

Similar to being knighted in the days of old, so being deemed a bookworm is considered an honor by the truest among them. They protect the words of the past, and defend the inspired minds that placed them on paper. They thrive on the beauty of a story. They soak in the combination of letters. They live and breathe books. I should know… I am one of them: a bookworm in shining armor.”

Thank you for reading… I hope you enjoyed it! Honestly, I had such fun writing it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Bookworm in Shining Armor

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog today! At the start of each comparison I kept asking myself okay how is she going to compare this one…but you did it so well! Love your blog, Bookworm!


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