A Girl and Her Books

Happy Monday!

Today I share with you the story of a girl and her books…

From my heart to yours:

A Girl and Her Books

“She gazed around the room with intrigue, coveting every item. The books surrounding her were seen, through longing eyes, as a glorious blanket of imagination. Each sentence was a story of its own; each page was an entire book to an open mind; each book was an adventure to be lived a thousand times over. She was keenly aware that in this single room a million lives were being lived. Worlds were an arms reach away. The truest of love was at her fingertips. Her eyes were capable of drawing her swiftly into any time and place she so desired… and so they wandered restlessly, captured by one thing and then another. They could not be still. Each novel seemed to cry out, “Come to me! Open my cover, and release my magic! Pour over my pages! Soak in my words! Indulge yourself in my soul, and live freely in my world! Choose me!’


Her ears rang with the silence of their pleas, and she could not ignore. She had no wish to. She gave herself up to their cause, reaching for the one whose desperate cry she felt most prominently in her heart. One by one, she lent them her hands, as, one by one, they shared with her their souls. She could dream of no trade more desirable…

When the time came for the girl to leave, she whispered a bitter-sweet goodbye to her precious companions, with the promise of returning in the days to come, and, before then, in her dreams.”

~Alyssa Dulaney


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