Poem of the Week: “Ode to a Summer Storm”

Happy Monday!

I have had the most wonderful day! I spent the afternoon, in its entirety, on the swing in the screened-in porch, curled up with a book. It doesn’t get much better than that! Unless… The sunny skies give way to gray clouds and a thunderstorm occurs, lasting for a grand total of half an hour, then out with the sun again! Its magnificence is hard to explain except through this poem I jotted down in its memory…

Ode to a Summer Storm

“One half of the sky boasted hopeful blue,

The other a dull, dark gray

A low rumble resounded and rang in my ears

As from a monster seeking its prey

Yet still the birds chirped. The bold ones at least

As the trees began to sway

The breath of the monster dared them stay still

And bid the blue skies away

Another low rumble and a soft pitter-patter

Downward journeyed the rain

The droplets that fell cooled the warm air

The dark clouds need not remain

Who can know why the monster resigned

And swiftly went on its way

The low rumble ceased, the rain did slow

It gave up on its hidden prey

Perhaps, looking back with keen hindsight, I’ll see

There was no monster at all, neither prey

Just a sweet summer thunderstorm saying hello

Then moving on, quick as it came.”

~Alyssa Dulaney


I hope you could see and feel the storm as vividly as I could in the midst of it! Thank you for reading. 🙂


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