a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past
Happy Monday!
Is it possible to be nostalgic over times before your own? Say what you will of me, but I have fallen in love with eras gone by. Am I the only one who longs to become familiar with the past?
“Past” is defined as “gone by in time and no longer existing”. What a melancholy thought: People, places, and things that have lost their existence and are being so easily forgotten. Is there still a desire to remember, or is everyone quick to leave the past behind? Typewriters are antiques and records are unfamiliar to our generation. Telegrams are unheard of and what in heaven’s name is a cravat? How many people can tell you who Charlotte Bronte is and name her most famous work? Tell me, why was the latter half of the 18th century called the “Age of Johnson?”
These things and these people don’t deserve to go unremembered, and I am unwilling to allow that to happen. I love them too dearly. They have become sweet friends of mine. I believe we need to cherish those things of the past and hold them dear while we carry them into the future as a reminder of the lives lived before ours began. They served humanity well, and their memories mustn’t be neglected.
Despite the claims that “history repeats itself”, it truly only happens once. It can never return, so we should be ashamed of ourselves if we push it aside and march on without a thought of it. Consider it as the fire with which our torches are lit… Without it, we’re walking directly into darkness. The past can no longer defend itself. It requires a representative. We are the only ones that can keep its light shining…
We can-we must keep history alive.

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