6 Coffee Facts

It is a truth universally acknowledged that coffee makes the world a better place…

Happy Monday!

To help you get through your Monday, I’ve compiled six facts (or, at least, opinions) about coffee. So, to all the coffee lovers out there- this one’s for you!

1. Coffee tastes better if it’s in a cool cup.
You can’t argue with me, here! It’s from personal experience. Sure, I could be lazy in the morning and grab one of the kitchen coffee cups to use, but no. I take the extra time to go pick out one of my adorable cups from my collection twenty-three coffee cups… and counting). And, yes! It’s worth it!

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2. Coffee doesn’t need sugar!
I’m aware that this is a controversial subject in the coffee-drinking realm, but whether it’s fact or fiction in your eyes, I still say no sugar. Of course, this is only speaking of regular coffee, not specialty coffees… Oh! And half-and-half is allowed.  For all those that like a little coffee with your sugar, allow me to burst out in song: “Be a man!” (Go ahead. Sing along.) 🙂

3. Coffee shops test your decision-making abilities.
Am I right, or am I right? I’m right. And sometimes, when it takes me ten minutes to choose one thing, I feel as if I’ve failed the test. My decision-making skills (or lack thereof) are questionable.

4. Coffee and chocolate are the dynamic duo.
Again, don’t argue with me here! And if you don’t like chocolate… No. No, there is no excuse for you.


5. Coffee is good for any time of the day (or night).
Seriously. Time is no boundary for the glories of coffee.

6. Flavored coffee is MUCH better than coffee with flavored creamer.                            It just is.

Bonus fact: Decaf coffee deserves our pity. It has no purpose in life.

There you are! Six coffee facts… or opinions, depending on the person and their level of awesomeness. Only joking! If you drink your coffee with sugar or don’t like chocolate, I’ll still be your friend. We’ll just have coffee at my house instead of yours. 😉


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