Why Jane Austen is the Greatest Novelist of All Time

Happy weekend, everyone!

Due to an abundance of relatives (all of whom I love very much) and the love of my sister’s life visiting this week, posts have been delayed. I apologize for this many times over, but, as you can imagine, it could hardly be helped. Still, there’s no excuse for my negligence. 😦

Can we take a quick moment to discuss how precious my sister and her guy are? They’re too sweet together. They’re like the pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together… and when they’re side-by-side they create something beautiful.

Without further delay: Big news! As of today, I have read all of Jane Austen’s completed novels! She was, in my opinion, the greatest novelist of all, and I shan’t be convinced otherwise. Thank you, Jane, for your outstanding contribution to the literary world. We are indebted to you!


On this momentous occasion, I thought it wouldn’t be fitting to post a list of reasons why she is the greatest novelist of all time…

1. Her impeccable language and style. The wording with which she paints such clear and lovely pictures is an art in itself. One that I fear will be lost, unless someone brings it back to life. Many may argue that it’s “hard to understand” but those who take the time to soak it in and learn to love it are granted comprehension. The more of that style that you read, the more it will reveal itself to you… not to mention, you will expand your vocabulary immensely. It is worth it! There’s something about the language that Jane used that draws you in if you’re willing to take your time in reading and understanding it.

2. Her wit. Anyone who has read her novels knows what I mean. She tells of high society in England, and yet, all the while, mocks certain aspects of their way of life. She saw what others didn’t-how ridiculous society’s rules could truly be-and she had no qualms pointing out these flaws in a humorous light. Also, the dialogue itself is brilliant. Take, for instance, Elizabeth Bennet’s wit and intelligence. No one could create such a character unless they were witty and intelligent themselves.

3. Her characters. Who but a genius could create Mr. Darcy in all his brooding glory and misunderstood emotions? Or Emma Woodhouse with her good intentions but unwittingly snobby ways? Shall we speak of Catherine Morland’s endearing naivety, or Mr. Knightley’s quiet humor and protective, caring nature? What of Eleanor’s loyalty, Marianne’s free spirit, Anne Elliot’s submission, Mr. Tilney’s understanding of muslin, and Fanny Price’s unwavering principals? Let us not forget Colonel Brandon’s steady affection, Edmund’s constant support, Edward’s excellence of character, Elizabeth’s wit, and Captain Wentworth’s constant heart. These are the masterpieces that only our Miss Austen could create.

4. Her stories. What are the other three, if they are not combined? Together they are insurpassable works of art. They build stories that touch our heart and activate our mind… Stories of family, patience, loyalty, change, acceptance, and most importantly, true love. Her plots are all unique and filled with surprises and, of course, beautiful declarations of love from handsome English gentlemen in an animated, eloquent style. Isn’t that enough? 😉 To summarize, Jane Austen’s novels are flawless examples of excellent literature.

This is just the beginning of what would be a much longer list, but needless to say, I’m an immense Jane Austen fan. Thank you for reading. 🙂


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