Pen to Paper Collections

Hello All!

Who am I? I’m Alyssa and I may be labeled a coffee-crazed, Jane-Austen-addicted dreamer. That’s perfectly okay with me. 🙂 I enjoy reading, writing, singing, reading, playing piano, acting, reading, walking, thinking (that’s dangerous!), and did I mention that I like reading? Yes? Oh, well. These are things that I’m passionate about! Whether I’m good at them or not is entirely a matter of opinion… Nonetheless, it’s what I love!


Enough of me! Let’s talk about this blog. I want to share some of my hopes and goals for it, but I also want to hear what you all would like to see around here, so feel free to make suggestions!

I was thinking my posts would mainly consist of things such as new ideas I’ve had, book reviews and discussions, a “poem of the day” followed by a mini review, and you may even occasionally see some of my own writing (and I would love to hear your honest opinions). These may be common topics, but why limit the possibilities?! We may even sometimes get into music, or a totally great recipe I found, or… anything! I’m not a one-subject-only kind of girl! I’m an admittedly random and sporadic person. 🙂


I truly want this to be a haven that anyone can come to when life gets a little overwhelming, or just a place to come when you’re looking for something to do, or maybe even a place people like to check out on a regular basis! In any case, however, I want it to be fun. Nothing is worse than boringness (yes, I just made up that word). Trust me, I know.

I look forward to this journey, and I hope you do too.


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